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Our Story

At The Fetch House, we are proud to be a family owned and cage-free dog grooming salon and daycare. The idea of The Fetch House started on a napkin when owner, Jennifer Smith, and her aunt and co-owner, Judy Smith, were having dinner. With Jennifer's grooming experience, Judy and her husband Charles' business experience, and their combined love and passion for animals, the ideas for The Fetch House were born. In 2016, those ideas became real when the The Fetch House opened its doors as a groom shop and doggie boutique. By 2020, we had outgrown our space in downtown, and wanted to expand our business to meet the needs of our clients by offering doggie daycare. In 2021 we found the perfect new home and started remodel construction  with more than 4,500 sq ft of groom, daycare, and boutique space, and a 14,000 sq ft fenced in yard. As we grow and make bigger and better changes for our furry clients, the one thing that never changes, is our priority of providing your dog with the most pampered and healthiest of lifestyles.


Jennifer Smith, Charles Smith, & Judy Smith

owners of The Fetch House

Meet The Team


Jennifer Smith

Specializing in making the underdog the top dog! Living my dream being able to provide a safe & fun spa experience for all dog types!

  • 20 years pet styling experience 

  • OPAWZ Color Specialist

  • Experience in scared / aggressive behavior


Ashley Palmer

Working with animals has been a lifelong passion of mine, and I am committed to providing quality services to all my furry customers. 


I am experienced in breed cuts, specifically Poodles and Doodles, and I put a lot of care and attention into each and every groom.

  • 10 years pet styling experience 

  • OPAWZ Color Specialist

  • Specialize in scissor cuts

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Erin Braswell

As a groomer I love making your furry family members the cutest version of themselves. I’ve been grooming since 2007 where I learned at a local grooming salon. Shortly after I learned to groom I decided to start volunteering at my county humane society which gave me so much experience handling dog and cats with different needs. 

It’s a true joy to see each wagging tail and know I’ll do my best to make sure your four legged friend is looking their best!

  • 16 years pet styling experience 

  • OPAWZ Color Specialist

  • Experience in scared / aggressive behavior

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Maddy Bradford

I am passionate about pampering your pet and making sure they look and feel their best during their spa day with me. I'm especially sensitive to making aggressive or fearful dogs comfortable for their appointment with me.  


I like dogs more than people, they're less stressful and usually don't talk back, so you can rest assured your pup is in the good hands with me.

  • 2 years pet styling experience 

  • Experienced in providing a calm grooming experience with  aggressive/nervous dogs 


Ashley Dover

I've always had a huge passion for working with animals. I'm always up for a challenge and love seeing their transformation from start to finish on the groom table.

  • 5 years pet styling experience 

  • Specialize in providing a calm grooming experience with  anxious/nervous dogs 

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Abby Self

My passion has always been working with animals, i believe in the importance of building a personal relationship with each fur baby. Working hard to create a positive and patient experience for your pet is what i do best. 

  • 3 years pet styling experience

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